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Having a Wedding Website is pretty much an essential part to the planning of most Weddings these days… and it makes complete sense! You can’t scrunch all the Wedding details you want to share with your guests on your Invitations. A Wedding Website is an easy way to make use of today’s technologies like Links to Google Maps, Sharing Photos, Automated lists of RSVP responses, to name a few. Even though at WeddingWebsites.ie, we create your website for you, you still choose what information to provide us with.

At WeddingWebsites.ie we get often get questions about what information should be shared with guests. And so, we created a list below of details people typically like to share. Most of these details are included in our WeddingWebsites.ie Package . If you feel some of these points are “over-sharing” don’t worry you can choose which points suit your Wedding the best!

1. Your Wedding Day, Time & Location.

This sounds obvious enough. People won’t get to your Wedding unless they know these details. But consider any extra information you would need to share. What would someone who doesn’t know the area need to know?Where is the nearest airport for people attending from abroad? How long will it take to get from the ceremony to the reception? Is there a particular parking system at the hotel?

2. The Schedule for the Wedding Weekend.

It’s a popular trend to keep the celebrations going on longer than just the Wedding day itself. Keep you guests informed through out the Weekend! Share locations, times, maybe dress codes and other needed info about each day. Do you have a BBQ the day after? A Sing-Song late after the DJ plays?

3. Accommodation Close By & Things To Do.

If your guests are planning to stay they would greatly appreciate a list of Hotels and B&B options. You can include links to their websites and contact information. Maybe you have booked rooms for some of your guests and need to share specific information like deadlines and dates to them? If guests are staying for a few days they might want to know about near by attractions and you can recommend the best restaurants, bars, shops etc.

4. Your Contact Details.

You will have a whole lot on your plate in the lead up to the Wedding. You can be strategic here, about how you want your guests to reach out and ask you questions and RSVP. First of all, if you have all the Wedding Details clearly on the website, it will answer most people’s queries. Do you want your phone number shared on the website so people can contact you? Some Brides and Grooms are happy to do this, however it could turn stressful if you’re getting too many calls and texts directly to your phone. A good idea is to set up an email address specifically for your Wedding. The RSVP responses from your WeddingWebsites.ie Online RSVP on your website will go to this email address. You can also have a contact form on your website that guests can use to ask you questions via that email address. That way, everything is in one organised place! And it is accessible by the two of you!

5. Your Love Story & Images.

People are attending your Wedding to celebrate you Love Story! You can share the story of how you two met, a little bio about each of you and maybe include something about your families. Creating this is a thoughtful way of reflecting on your relationship too! You could add photos of when ye were kids. If you took Professional Engagement photos you can include them. We advise here to select your favourite 4 – 6. There is no need to have a full gallery. Something to note too, is that if you have tonnes of images it will slow down the load time of your site. So don’t go too over-board. Keep the big gallery section for the shots of the Wedding itself!

7. Wedding Reception Seating.


This is super handy for your guests to know where they will be sitting ahead of the meal. They are able to check on your website, on their phones before or on the day of. Maybe you had a graphic designer create a visual representation of the seating arrangements for print? If they can supply you with an online version you can share it on your WeddingWebsites.ie site. We found some lovely table designs, like the one pictured above at WeddingScribblers.ie They create beautiful Wedding Stationary in almost any theme you can dream of. If your Wedding Planner supplied you with a print only seating arrangement we can create an online version for you on request.

8. The Menu.


Some of your guests may have special dietary concerns. Having the menu available to them on your website means that they can view it and then comment in response to it in the RSVP section. Do they have any allergies to certain foods? What meal choice would they prefer? If you have a choice of a Lamb main meal or Veggie main meal it’s helpful for whoever is making the food to have this information well in advance also! All responses from our RSVP form are collected in a organised list for you. Like the Seating Arrangements you can ask your designer/planner for an online version of your menu or we can create one for you on request. Pictured above is one of the many gorgeous designs from www.nowandforever.ie

The above are the most universally shared details. If you have any others that work for your Wedding use them! Keep in mind that the purpose of the website is to make you and your guests’ lives easier. Put yourself in the shoes of your guests, and think “What do I need to know?”. That’s the first step and after that you can add more fun features to the website. See our blog post on “Fun Features for your Wedding Website”.

You can order your Wedding Website from us at WeddingWebsites.ie

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