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We talked a bit about the essential details you need to share with your guests on your Wedding Website in our “What to Share on your Wedding Website” Blog Post. It is essentially a tool and it’s purpose is sharing information. Making your planning process and your guests’ lives easier. That’s the technical bit of it but after that, there are endless possibilities! The design and imagery reflect your personality and the theme of you Wedding. You can get really creative with the features of your Wedding Website. We have listed a few here to get you thinking!

1. Instagram Social Stream.

So the Wedding is in Full Swing and your guests are posting their photos of your day to Instagram with your Wedding Hashtag. eg: #TomAndMariaWedding2020

The Instagram Social Stream will collect all of these images (once the Instagram accounts are public). It will then update automatically to show those images in a gallery on your site! You can be everywhere at once!

2. Guest Song Requests.

We credit this idea to an amazing couple, Karen & Con. worked with Karen & Con on their site and this was a neat feature they wanted to add to the RSVP form. While your guests are RSVP’ing to your event there is an option for them to request a song that will be played at the Afters of the Wedding! What a great idea! A disclaimer here is wise. Depending on how many song requests are made the DJ might have to keep playing for a couple of days straight to get to everyone’s song!

The song request data is placed automatically in a simple list so it can be exported and easily emailed to the DJ or the band.

3. Gift Wishlist / Wedding Registry.

The Wedding Shop
The Wedding Shop

Some couples can be embarrassed to ask for gifts in a wish-list but this is actually a huge help for your guests. Maybe you have set up a Gift Registry in a department store like Arnott’s or Debenhams. You can share this information, on a “Wishlist Page” on your Wedding Website. Otherwise you can make a list of any gifts you would love to receive and supply links of where to buy them online.

In fact, if you are worried about sounding a bit.. “greedy” a Wedding Website is probably the best and most discrete way to share your Wedding Gift Wish List. It can sit on it’s own page with a link from the homepage.

There is a really cool service called designed for couples who want choice, flexibility and exceptional service all in one place. They are a fee-free gift list provider with showrooms in Dublin. We can link to your list created with from your Wedding Website.

4. Get Creative with your URL

Maybe you want a specific domain name like “” or you can get as creative as you like with a unique domain name. Depending on availability we can supply this on request. It’s a fun way to inject some humour into your Wedding Website. You could use something that rhymes, alliteration or an inside joke.

There is an endless amount of opportunities for creativity in your Wedding Website. Brainstorm them all and we can work with you to create your luxury Wedding Website.

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