How to Announce your Wedding Website

You have added all the necessary details to your Wedding Website. You’ve put your own stamp on your site, spent time fine tuning your bios and carefully selecting images. Once you have your Dream Luxury Wedding Website, how do you show it to your guests? How do your guests know that they are to RSVP online? Well you have a couple of options, using tech or traditional paper

1. On your Save the Dates

Your Save the Dates are generally sent out when the Wedding Website is up and running. This is a great opportunity to get people initially aware of your site. A good idea is to say something like “for more details check out www…..” On your Paperless Save the Dates this can be a hyperlink or a button that when pressed directs the guest right to your Wedding Website. You can also have your Websites Address on paper Save the Dates!

2.On your Invitations

Thankfully for you, at we integrate a button into your Paperless Invitations too. Your Invitations can either be sent by email in a batch to all your guests’ email addresses or they can be sent as a shareable link. The shareable link could then be sent via text message, via Facebook, however you like. On the Invitations there is an RSVP button explaining that your guest must click this to be directed to your Wedding Website where they can RSVP to the Wedding! It’s simple and easy to use. Just like the Save the Dates, if you have Paper Invitations that you are physically sending through the post or in person you can include the link here to the RSVP form on your Wedding Website.

It will be tempting to share your website with the whole world once it’s done. Trust me, we know the feeling! Of course you can share your Wedding Website url on Social Media to all your connections if you wish. We do advise against this as the Wedding Website should primarily be just for the people attending. And plus, you don’t want the nosey neighbours who aren’t invited to be judging what the options are for the entrée.

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